Naming Magic
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Use AI to name your company and find a domain.

Feed the AI a product description
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About Us

This tool was built by Swift Ventures to demonstrate GPT-3 natural language technology. We are former entrepreneurs who have spent hours debating, brainstorming and domain searching company names. And, we really should have had a tool like this when we named our former company TubeMogul (“Huh? Did you say T-Mobile?”).

Today we invest in AI and data-first businesses at the early stages. Have a great idea? Send your pitch deck to us at

TubeMogul Founders

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Pitch Meeting Summary

  • Overview
    The company name is Pied Piper, a new compression algorithm.
  • Product
    Product is a novel new compression algorithm that can greatly reduce bandwidth.
  • Team
    Founder is ex-Hooli employee.